About Gus Propper

Thank you for stopping to visit Gus's Website today. Gus has been a member of the ATCA and ATHS for 30+ years, and he absolutely loved going to truck shows. We are deeply saddened by our loss of Gus earlier this year in an industrial accident at work. His family and friends miss him terribly, and if you knew Gus you know what an absolutely wonderful person he was. Next to his family, trucks were the love of Gus's life. From the time he was a little boy he loved trucks, the older they were, the better. His passion for trucks was one that you don't see very often—he lived and breathed it every day. When Gus came here to the shows you rarely saw him near his own truck—he was always out looking at everything else and talking up a storm to everyone about them. He knew so much about so many different trucks, and he was building a collection of his own—trying to capture all his favorites in the process.

The B-model Gus has had since he was a teenager. He's been through many trucks since, but restored the R-Model several years ago with some help from Matt Pfahl to just the way he wanted it. He also bought the 67 Pete several years ago from Cam Lavin out in California and drove it home across the country with his friend Joe. His favorite truck journey ever. The Pete was almost finished at the time of the accident, and his family was able to get it completed. Gus's Peterbilt made it's Debut at the Macungie Truck show on June 12, 2014 and we're so sad that Gus wasn't there to see it. He had many more dreams to fulfill, and we are lost without him.

Gus also has an amazing collection of truck memorabilia, including many different books and magazines, even some of the original and oldest Overdrive magazines. He also has many, many die-cast collectible models, including Hess originals and a James Etter B-Model.

Gus's family plans to keep his memory and his passion for trucks alive through this website and truck shows. We thank you for visiting and hope to see you in years to come.

The Propper Family
Terry, Gus, and Rachel

Phone: (856)866-8769